Subfamily: Bastillevirinae

Genus: Eldridgevirus


Distinguishing features

The genome of Bacillus phage Eldridge, the exemplar isolate of Eldridgevirus eldridge, the only species in the genus, is 165 868 bp with 230 unique predicted protein coding sequences (8 repeated twice in the 3199 bp redundant terminal regions) as well as 3 tRNAs genes (Reveille et al., 2016). The only known member of the genus infects Priestia megaterium (formerly known as Bacillus megaterium).

Species demarcation criteria

There is only one species in the genus. New members of this species will be assigned based on their being more than 95% identical in genome nucleotide sequence, including the terminal repeat region. Phages with genomes that differ by more than 5% will be assigned to different species.