Visual Browser

Browse the ICTV virus taxonomy using an interactive, visual display.  The new Search feature will allow you to select a taxon in the current or past taxonomies. If you click "View" the tree will automatically expand to show you the taxon.

  • Use the selection box to the top left to choose the taxonomy release you want to visualize.
  • Use the font size slider to increase/decrease the size of text.
  • Click on a taxon name to expand and contract a taxonomic lineage.
  • Pop-up boxes are displayed when hovering your cursor over a name. These provide basic information about each taxon, and a link to the taxon's history page.
  • Click on a genus or subgenus name to display the species classified into that taxon.
  • Species belonging to the currently selected taxon appear in the box to the right of the display.
  • Click and hold to move the display around the screen.
  • Zoom in and out by using the wheel on a mouse or by pinching in or out on a trackpad.
    • Your computer system settings will determine the details of how you interact with the display.
  • If the number of taxa are too many to fit in the window, you can use the mouse or trackpad to scroll the list up and down.