Hepeviridae Virus Isolate Classification

The Table below gives a summary of the current taxonomic structure of the Hepeviridae as as proposed in: Smith, D. B., Simmonds, P., Jameel, S., Emerson, S. U., Harrison, T. J., Meng, X.-J., Okamoto, H., Van der Poel, W. H. M. & Purdy, M. A. (2014). Consensus proposals for classification of the family Hepeviridae. J Gen Virol 95, 2223–32 and ratified by the ICTV.


Genus Species Genotype Prototype/Reference Strain Predominant Host Species GenBank Accession
Orthohepevirus Orthohepevirus A HEV-1 Burma Human M73218
    HEV-2 Mexico Human KX578717
    HEV-3 Meng Human, pig, rabbit, deer, mongoose AF082843
    HEV-4 T1 Human, pig AJ272108
    HEV-5 JBOAR135-Shiz09 Wild boar AB573435
    HEV-6 wbJOY_06 Wild boar AB602441
    HEV-7 DcHEV-178C Camel KJ496143
  Orthohepevirus B    F93-5077 Chicken AY535004
  Orthohepevirus C HEV-C1 R63 Rat GU345042
    HEV-C2 FRHEV4 Ferret JN998606
  Orthohepevirus D    HEV/BS7/GE/2009 Bat JQ001749
Piscihepevirus Piscihepevirus A    Heenan Lake Trout HQ731075

An alignment of concatenated ORF1 and ORF2 amino acid sequences of Orthohepevirus species is available in FASTA and SSE formats.

Reference sequences for subtypes of Orthohepvirus A have been proposed are available on a separate page