Family: Picornaviridae

Genus: Ailurivirus


Distinguishing features

The genus is distinguished on the basis of genetic characters. 



No details are available on the morphology of virions. 

Nucleic acid

Genome: (Zhang et al., 2017) 8,003–8,100 nt (5′-UTR: 1232–1345 nt; ORF: 6,573–6,654 nt; 3′-UTR: 97–117 nt). The location of cre has not been identified. 

Genome organization and replication

Genome layout:


The deduced polyprotein is of 2,191 amino acids. There is no L protein. The 2A protein has an NPG↓P motif. 


No virus has been isolated. Viral RNA was detected in faecal specimens of wild (one sick, one healthy) and captive (healthy) giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca). 

Derivation of names

Ailurivirus: from Ailuropoda melanoleuca (host). 

Species demarcation criteria

There is only a single species in the genus.