Family: Aliusviridae

Genus: Obscuruvirus


Distinguishing features

Obscuruviruses are currently distinguished from viruses of the second genus in the family based on the basis that their L protein sequences are < 31% identical.


The only classified obscuruvirus, Atrato chu-like virus 5 (AClV5), has been associated with dipteran insects, i.e., culicid mosquitos (Psorophora albipes (Theobald, 1907)) in Colombia (unpublished, GenBank accession MN661033). Unclassified obscuruviruses have also been associated with bivalves and mosquitoes (Truong Nguyen et al., 2022).

Species demarcation criteria

Members of different species have L protein sequences with <90% amino-acid identity (Di Paola et al., 2022).

Virus nameAccession numberVirus abbreviationReference
Bivalve alius-like virus 1--(Rey-Campos et al., 2023)
Lestijarvi obscuruvirusON955144-(Truong Nguyen et al., 2022)

Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.