Resources: Arteriviridae


Sequence alignments:

Figure 3. Arteriviridae:

Concatenated alignment (FASTA format)

3CLpro alignment (FASTA format)

NiRAN alignment (FASTA format)

RdRp alignment (FASTA format)

ZBD alignment (FASTA format)

HEL1 alignment (FASTA format)

Amino acid sequence alignments are provided separately for each of the five domains (nsp5-3CLpro, nsp12-NiRAN, nsp12-RdRp, nsp13-ZBD and nsp13-HEL1) used in the DEmARC analysis presented in Figure 3. Arteriviridae. An additional alignment comprises a concatenation of these domains, each separated by four spaces. Phylogenetic analysis of the concatenated alignment gives a tree with a similar topology to that shown in Figure 3. Arteriviridae, but differs in detail because the DEmARC analysis included additional nidovirus sequences and involved model testing using individual domains.