Subfamily: Zealarterivirinae

Genus: Kappaarterivirus


Distinguishing features

Kappaarterivirus wobum is the only species in the family. There is, however, considerable variability between available wobbly possum disease virus (WPDV) sequences isolated in New Zealand and Australia (70 to 80% identity at the amino acid level within the conserved RNA-directed RNA polymerase (RdRp) protein) and hence, these may be split into separate species in the future. 


See discussion under family description

Genome organization and replication

Although the genome organisation of WPDV is typical for arteriviruses, there is no experimental confirmation that it produces a nested set of subgenomic mRNAs by a discontinuous transcription mechanism, of polyprotein synthesis and processing, or of other molecular mechanisms. See discussion under family description


See discussion under family description

Derivation of names

Species Kappaarterivirus wobum: from the genus name and wobbly possum disease virus, the virus name referring to the characteristic clinical presentation including incoordination and ‘wobbly’ gait observed in affected New Zealand possums. 

Species demarcation criteria

There is only one species in the genus. See “Subfamily, genus and species demarcation criteria” section on the family for species demarcation criteria which are universal for all subfamilies.