Family: Arteriviridae

Subfamily: Zealarterivirinae


Distinguishing features

Wobbly possum disease virus (WPDV) is a member of the only genus in this subfamily. WPDV RNA has been detected in brushtail possums in New Zealand and in Australia, and WPDV antibodies have been detected in brushtail possums, common ringtail possums and mountain brushtail possums in Australia. Closely related viruses of this subfamily do not have an nsp1 ZnF domain or the transframe (TF) ORF. They have an nsp9 RdRp that has GDD instead of the characteristic nidovirus SDD signature in the RdRp C motif. 

Genus demarcation criteria

There is only one genus in the subfamily. See “Subfamily, genus and species demarcation criteria” section on the family for species demarcation criteria which are universal for all subfamilies.