Family: Kolmioviridae

Genus: Dobrovirus


Distinguishing features

Chusan Island toad virus 1 (CITV1; previously referred to as tfHDV) is the only classified dobrovirus. Dobroviruses infect bufonid amphians (Chang et al., 2019).


Virions are unknown.

Nucleic acid

Dobroviruses have non-segmented, covalently closed, circular negative-sense RNA (cccRNA) genomes of about 1.5 kb with 54.3% GC content (Chang et al., 2019)


Dobroviruses are predicted to express one delta antigen (DAg)-like protein of 172 amino-acid residues (Chang et al., 2019).


CITV1 was discovered in Chusan Island toads (bufonid Bufo gargarizans Cantor, 1842) sampled in China (Chang et al., 2019).

Species demarcation criteria

The genus currently only includes a single species.