Family: Kolmioviridae

Genus: Thurisazvirus


Distinguishing features

Tome’s spiny-rat virus 1 (TSRV1; previously referred to as RDeV) is the only classified thurisazvirus. Thurisazviruses infect echimyid rodents and phyllostomid bats. TSRV1 replicates autonomously in vitro in HuH7 cells (Paraskevopoulou et al., 2020).


Virions are unknown.

Nucleic acid

Thurisazviruses have non-segmented, covalently closed, circular negative-sense RNA (cccRNA) genomes of about 1.7 kb with 55.2% GC content (Paraskevopoulou et al., 2020).


Thurisazviruses are predicted to express one delta antigen (DAg)-like protein of 196 amino-acid residues (Paraskevopoulou et al., 2020).


TSRV1 was discovered in Tome’s spiny-rats (echimyid Proechimys semispinosus (Tomes, 1860)) sampled in Panama (Paraskevopoulou et al., 2020). Unclassified, potential thurisazviruses were discovered in phyllostomid bats in Peru (Bergner et al., 2021).

Species demarcation criteria

The genus currently only includes a single species.

Virus nameAccession numberVirus abbreviationReference
bat deltavirus DesRot/Peru/AYA11_DrDV-BMT649206 (Bergner et al., 2021)
bat deltavirus DesRot/Peru/CAJ1/DrDV-BMT649208 (Bergner et al., 2021)
bat deltavirus DesRot/Peru/LMA6/DrDV-BMT649209 (Bergner et al., 2021)

Virus names and virus abbreviations are not official ICTV designations.

*Coding region sequence incomplete.