Family: Kolmioviridae

Genus: Dalvirus


Distinguishing features

Dabbling duck virus 1 (DabDV1; previously referred to as avHDV) is the only classified dalvirus. Dalviruses infect anatid birds (Wille et al., 2018).


Virions are unknown.

Nucleic acid

Dalviruses have non-segmented, covalently closed, circular negative-sense RNA (cccRNA) genomes of about 1.7 kb with 51.1% GC content (Wille et al., 2018).


Dalviruses are predicted to express one delta antigen (DAg)-like protein of 185 amino-acid residues (Wille et al., 2018).


DabDV1 was discovered in cloacal samples of grey teal (anatid Anas gracilis Buller, 1869), chestnut teals (Anas castanea (Eyton, 1838), and Pacific black ducks (Anas superciliosa (Gmelin, 1789)) collected in Australia (Wille et al., 2018).

Species demarcation criteria

The genus currently only includes a single species.