Family: Flaviviridae


Current (MSL38) and previous (MSL37) species names

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Species name (binomial format) Previous virus species name Exemplar virus name Exemplar accession
Hepacivirus bovis Hepacivirus N bovine hepacivirus KP641127
Hepacivirus colobi Hepacivirus D guereza hepacivirus KC551800
Hepacivirus equi Hepacivirus A non-primate hepacivirus KP325401
Hepacivirus glareoli Hepacivirus J rodent hepacivirus KC411777
Hepacivirus hominis Hepacivirus C hepatitis C virus genotype 1a AF009606
Hepacivirus macronycteridis Hepacivirus K bat hepacivirus KC796074
Hepacivirus myodae Hepacivirus F rodent hepacivirus KC411784
Hepacivirus norvegici Hepacivirus H Norway rat hepacivirus 2 KJ950939
Hepacivirus otomopis Hepacivirus M bat hepacivirus KC796078
Hepacivirus peromysci Hepacivirus E rodent hepacivirus KC815310
Hepacivirus platyrrhini Hepacivirus B GB virus-B U22304
Hepacivirus ratti Hepacivirus G Norway rat hepacivirus 1 KJ950938
Hepacivirus rhabdomysis Hepacivirus I rodent hepacivirus KC411806
Hepacivirus vittatae Hepacivirus L bat hepacivirus KC796077
Orthoflavivirus apoiense Apoi virus Apoi virus AF160193
Orthoflavivirus aroaense Aroa virus Aroa virus AY632536
Orthoflavivirus bagazaense Bagaza virus Bagaza virus AY632545
Orthoflavivirus banziense Banzi virus Banzi virus DQ859056
Orthoflavivirus boubouiense Bouboui virus Bouboui virus DQ859057
Orthoflavivirus bravoense Rio Bravo virus Rio Bravo virus AF144692
Orthoflavivirus bukalasaense Bukalasa bat virus Bukalasa bat virus AF013365
Orthoflavivirus cacipacoreense Cacipacore virus Cacipacoré virus KF917536
Orthoflavivirus careyense Carey Island virus Carey Island virus AF013368
Orthoflavivirus cowboneense Cowbone Ridge virus Cowbone Ridge virus AF013370
Orthoflavivirus dakarense Dakar bat virus Dakar bat virus AF013371
Orthoflavivirus denguei Dengue virus dengue virus type 2 U87411
Orthoflavivirus edgehillense Edge Hill virus Edge Hill virus DQ859060
Orthoflavivirus encephalitidis Tick-borne encephalitis virus tick-borne encephalitis virus-European subtype U27495
Orthoflavivirus entebbeense Entebbe bat virus Entebbe bat virus DQ837641
Orthoflavivirus flavi Yellow fever virus yellow fever virus X03700
Orthoflavivirus gadgetsense Gadgets Gully virus Gadgets Gully virus DQ235145
Orthoflavivirus ilheusense Ilheus virus Ilhéus virus AY632539
Orthoflavivirus israelense Israel turkey meningoencephalomyelitis virus Israel turkey meningoencephalomyelitis virus AF013377
Orthoflavivirus japonicum Japanese encephalitis virus Japanese encephalitis virus M18370
Orthoflavivirus jugraense Jugra virus Jugra virus DQ859066
Orthoflavivirus jutiapaense Jutiapa virus Jutiapa virus KJ469371
Orthoflavivirus kadamense Kadam virus Kadam virus DQ235146
Orthoflavivirus kedougouense Kedougou virus Kédougou virus AY632540
Orthoflavivirus kokoberaorum Kokobera virus Kokobera virus AY632541
Orthoflavivirus koutangoense Koutango virus Koutango virus AF013384
Orthoflavivirus kyasanurense Kyasanur Forest disease virus Kyasanur Forest disease virus AY323490
Orthoflavivirus langatense Langat virus Langat virus AF253419
Orthoflavivirus louisense Saint Louis encephalitis virus St. Louis encephalitis virus DQ525916
Orthoflavivirus loupingi Louping ill virus louping ill virus Y07863
Orthoflavivirus meabanense Meaban virus Meaban virus DQ235144
Orthoflavivirus modocense Modoc virus Modoc virus AJ242984
Orthoflavivirus montanaense Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus AJ299445
Orthoflavivirus murrayense Murray Valley encephalitis virus Murray Valley encephalitis virus AF161266
Orthoflavivirus nilense West Nile virus West Nile virus M12294
Orthoflavivirus ntayaense Ntaya virus Ntaya virus JX236040
Orthoflavivirus omskense Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus AY193805
Orthoflavivirus perlitaense San Perlita virus San Perlita virus AF013402
Orthoflavivirus phnompenhense Phnom Penh bat virus Phnom Penh bat virus AF013394
Orthoflavivirus powassanense Powassan virus Powassan virus L06436
Orthoflavivirus royalense Royal Farm virus Royal Farm virus DQ235149
Orthoflavivirus saboyaense Saboya virus Saboya virus DQ859062
Orthoflavivirus saumarezense Saumarez Reef virus Saumarez Reef virus DQ235150
Orthoflavivirus sepikense Sepik virus Sepik virus DQ837642
Orthoflavivirus tembusu Tembusu virus Tembusu virus JF895923
Orthoflavivirus tyuleniyense Tyuleniy virus Tyuleniy virus KF815939
Orthoflavivirus ugandaense Uganda S virus Uganda S virus DQ859065
Orthoflavivirus usutuense Usutu virus Usutu virus AY453411
Orthoflavivirus viejaense Sal Vieja virus Sal Vieja virus AF013401
Orthoflavivirus wesselsbronense Wesselsbron virus Wesselsbron virus EU707555
Orthoflavivirus yaoundeense Yaounde virus Yaoundé virus AF013413
Orthoflavivirus yokoseense Yokose virus Yokose virus AB114858
Orthoflavivirus zikaense Zika virus Zika virus AY632535
Pegivirus caballi Pegivirus E equine pegivirus KC410872
Pegivirus carolliae Pegivirus F bat pegivirus F KC796080
Pegivirus columbiaense Pegivirus H human hepegivirus; human pegivirus 2 KT439329
Pegivirus equi Pegivirus D Theiler’s disease associated virus KC145265
Pegivirus hominis Pegivirus C human pegivirus genotype 2 U44402
Pegivirus neotomae Pegivirus J rodent pegivirus KC815311
Pegivirus platyrrhini Pegivirus A GB virus-A; simian pegivirus U22303
Pegivirus pteropi Pegivirus B GB virus-D GU566734
Pegivirus scotophili Pegivirus G bat pegivirus G KC796076
Pegivirus sturnirae Pegivirus I bat pegivirus I KC796088
Pegivirus suis Pegivirus K porcine pegivirus KU351669
Pestivirus antilocaprae Pestivirus E pronghorn antelope pestivirus AY781152
Pestivirus australiaense Pestivirus F porcine pestivirus EF100713
Pestivirus aydinense Pestivirus I Aydin-like pestivirus JX428945
Pestivirus bovis Pestivirus A bovine viral diarrhea virus 1 M96751
Pestivirus brazilense Pestivirus H HoBi-like pestivirus FJ040215
Pestivirus giraffae Pestivirus G giraffe pestivirus AF144617
Pestivirus L   Linda virus KY436034
Pestivirus M   Phocoena pestivirus MK910227
Pestivirus N   Tunisian sheep-like pestivirus MZ664274
Pestivirus O   ovine/IT pestivirus MK618726
Pestivirus ovis Pestivirus D Border disease virus AF037405
Pestivirus P   pangolin pestivirus MK636874
Pestivirus Q   rodent pestivirus KY370101
Pestivirus R   rodent pestivirus KY370100
Pestivirus ratti Pestivirus J rat pestivirus KJ950914
Pestivirus S   bat pestivirus MH282908
Pestivirus scrofae Pestivirus K atypical porcine pestivirus KR011347
Pestivirus suis Pestivirus C classical swine fever virus X87939
Pestivirus tauri Pestivirus B bovine viral diarrhea virus 2 FJ527854

(Table added by the ICTV Report Managing Editor May 2023)