Subfamily: Metaparamyxovirinae

Genus: Synodonvirus


Distinguishing features

The sequence of a virus in this genus has been reported from a metagenomic study in triplecross lizardfish.



Genome organization and replication

The proposed gene organization with genes separated by the conserved intergenic trinucleotide CUU (Table 2. Paramyxoviridae) includes an ATU that encodes a small hydrophobic protein which, in this subfamily, is located between the M and fusion (F) genes of the virus rather than, as is the case in the other paramyxoviruses, between the fusion (F) and receptor binding protein (RBP) genes (Figure 2. Paramyxoviridae). 


Unknown, except that virus sequences were detected in a metagenomics study of the triplecross lizardfish. 

Species demarcation criteria

Only a single species in the genus is known. In other genera in the family, species demarcation is now entirely based on the distance in the phylogenic tree based on the comparison of complete large (L) protein amino acid sequences.  Since the primary criterion is the tree topology, whether a virus belongs to the same species becomes a matter of branch length between the nearest node and the tip of the branch. This length is defined as 0.03 in the trees generated as described in the legend to Figure 3. .Paramyxoviridae