Resources: Metaviridae



Gypsy Database (GyDB): focusing on ortervirales and their evolutionary history:

Repbase: most commonly used database of repetitive DNA elements:

RepetDB: a knowledge database of transposon references:

RexDB: a reference database of transposable element protein domains:

Sequence alignments and tree files:

Figure 3. Metaviridae:

Multiple alignment (FASTA format) of the RT core obtained from 210 classified and unclassified viruses belonging to the Metaviridae, Pseudoviridae and Belpaoviridae families. The alignment was created using Clustal W (Larkin et al.  2007) and GeneDoc ( to respectively align and manually refine the sequences. 

Alignment file (FASTA format)

Phylogenetic tree (Newick format) of members of the Metaviridae, Pseudoviridae and Belpaoviridae families based on the RT multiple alignment above using Clustal W and the Neighbor Joining method of phylogenetic reconstruction with 1000 bootstrap replicates. 

Tree file (newick format)