Resources: Iridoviridae


Global Ranavirus Consortium:

Special emphasis issue of Virology entitled “Ranaviruses and other members of the family Iridoviridae: Their place in the virosphere” Virology 511:257–353 (2017) (Condit and Gregory Chinchar 2017)

Articles in special issue of Viruses entitled “Molecular and ecological studies of a virus family (Iridoviridae) infecting invertebrates and ectothermic vertebrates”. (Chinchar and Duffus 2019)

Monograph entitled “Ranaviruses: Lethal pathogens of ectothermic vertebrates     ,” MJ Gray and VG Chinchar (eds.), Springer OPEN, 2015. ISBN 978-3-319-13755-1 (eBook). (2015)

Sequence alignments and tree files:

Figure 6. Iridoviridae:

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