Family: Chaseviridae

Subfamily: Cleopatravirinae


Distinguishing features

Members of this subfamily infect Aeromonas and Shewanella sp. Virus genomes are, on average, 52 kbp (51.9 %G+C) and encode 68 proteins. 

At the protein level, CoreGenes 5.0 analysis ( ), which employs a bidirectional best hit approach, identified 35 proteins common to all members of the subfamily, representing 51.5%  of the viral proteome. These included: major capsid protein, terminase large subunit, DNA ligase, 5′-3′ exonuclease, DNA primase/helicase, DNA polymerase, RNA polymerase, and cell wall hydrolase. 

Genus demarcation criteria

Genera in the family Chaseviridae are well-supported monophyletic clades by VIRIDIC clustering and in (concatenated) marker gene phylogenies. Members of a genus share at least 70% nucleotide identity across the genome. Members of the same genus generally infect members of the same bacterial genus.