Family: Turriviridae (interim Report)


This is a summary page created by the ICTV Report Editors using information from associated Taxonomic Proposals and the Master Species List.

Edited by: Mart Krupovic
Posted: October 2023


The family Turriviridae includes dsDNA viruses infecting hyperthermophilc archaea of Sulfolobus sp. (Table 1.Turriviridae). The family was established in 2014 (Master Species List #28).

Table 1.Turriviridae. Characteristics of members of the family Turriviridae.

ExampleSulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1 (AY569307), species Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1, genus Alphaturrivirus
VirionTurreted icosahedra (about 75 nm in diameter) with an internal membrane layer
GenomeCircular, dsDNA genome of 16–17 kbp
Host rangeHyperthermophilc and acidophilic archaea of the genus Saccharolobus
TaxonomyRealm Varidnaviria, kingdom Bamfordvirae, phylum Preplasmiviricota, class Tectiliviricetes, order Belfryvirales: 1 genus and 2 species
Turriviridae genome
Figure 1.Turriviridae. Genome organisation of Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1, a member of the family Turriviridae. Boxes indicate open reading frames as annotated on GenBank accession AY569307.
Turriviridae taxonomy
Figure 2.Turriviridae. Relationships of the taxa connected to the family Turriviridae.

Derivation of name

Turriviridae: From Latin turris, for turret