Subfamily: Okanivirinae

Genus: Nimanivirus


Distinguishing features

The genus was defined on the basis of DEmARC analysis. There is currently only a single member of the genus. Macrobrachium rosenbergii Golda virus (MrGV) infects penaeid and palaemonid shrimp. Two variants of MrGV have been reported from Bangladesh (MrGV LH1-2018) and China (MrGV Mr-18). There is a suggested association of variant MrGV LH1-2018 with mass mortalities in larval stages of the freshwater shrimp (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) but this link is not clearly established. The virion morphology has not yet been reported. The genome organisation is similar to those of okaviruses but sequence alignments indicate the absence of the triple-membrane-spanning protein (p25) in the N-terminal region of the precursor glycoprotein (pp3) encoded in ORF3.

Species demarcation criteria

Not defined as there is only one species in the genus.