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Claverie.pdf 1.19 MB
Jean-Michel Claverie: Challenges in classifying newly discovered viruses
Cochrane.pdf 8.33 MB
Guy Cochrane: The challenge of NGS data
Dutilh & Bigot.pdf 4.69 MB
Yves Bigot and Bas Dutilh: Evolutionary relationships between virus families - core genes and methods for homology detection
EC.pdf 43.92 MB
Executive Committee Presentations
Garrity.pdf 66.18 MB
George Garrity: Bacterial taxonomy: Current developments
Kellam.pdf 9.05 MB
Paul Kellam: The transformation of viral epidemiology and clinical studies by next-generation sequencing
Teycheney & Welkin.pdf 639.53 KB
Welkin Johnson and Pierre-Yves Teycheney: Classification of endogenous viral elements
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