Proposed Paslahepevirus balayani subtype reference sequences

Reference sequences for subtypes of Paslahepevirus balayani (previously Orthohepvirus A) have been proposed in Smith, D.B., Izopet J., Nicot F., Simmonds P., Jameel S., Meng X-J., Norder H., Okamoto H., van der Poel W.H.M., Reuter G. and Purdy M.A. (2020, J. Gen. Virol, 101:692-698) which includes the following table. This is an update of the propsals of Smith, D. B., Simmonds, P., Izopet, J., Oliveira-Filho, E. F., Ulrich, R. G., Johne, R., Koenig, M., Jameel, S., Harrison, T. J., Meng X-J., Okamoto H., van der Poel W.H.M. and Purdy M.A. (2016). Proposed reference sequences for Hepatitis E virus subtypes. J Gen Virol. 97: 537-542 

Sequence alignment of these reference sequences available at the bottom of this page and here.

Reference complete genome sequences for HEV subtypes (bold - additions since 2016)

UPDATE - December 2023

MW596896 is now subtype 3o

GenotypeSubtypeAccessionStrainGeographical origin#Host#Comments
11aM73218BurmaIndia, Pakistan, UK, Myanmarhuman 
 1bL08816XinjiangChina, PakistanhumanReplaces the recombinant D11092



Bangladesh, India, UKhuman 
 1gLC225387MNE15-072India, Mongolia, Pakistan Japan, UK, Francehuman 
22aKX578717Mex-14MexicohumanReference sequence replaces M74506
 2b(MH809516)(NG/17-0500)Nigeriahuman(Provisional assignment)
33aAF082843MengJapan, USA, South Korea, UK, Germany, Canada, Singapore, China, Mexico, Thailandhuman, pig, mongoose 
 3bAP003430JRA1Japan, China, Canadahuman, pig, wild boar, deer, mongoose 
 3cFJ705359wbGER27France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Thailand, Canadahuman, wild boar 
 3d    AF296165-7 (ORF2)
 3eAB248521swJ8-5France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, UK, Japanhuman, pig, wild boar, Maccaca sp. monkey* 
 3fAB369687E116-YKH98CFrance, Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Thailand, Japan, Singaporehuman, pig, wild boarIncludes the previously unclassified sequences EU723513, EU360977 and KJ873911
 3gAF455784Osh 205Kyrgyzstanpig* 
 3hJQ013794TR19France, Switzerland, Mongoliahuman, pig 
 3iFJ998008BB02Sweden, Germanyhuman, wild boar 
 3jAY115488ArkellCanadapigFrom pooled material
 3kAB369689E088-STM04CJapanhuman, pig 
 3lJQ953664FR-SHEV3c-likeItaly, Francepig, human 
 3mKU513561IC2011France, Spainhuman 
 3nMF959764WB/HEV/NA17ITA15Italywild boar 



Italywild boar 
 3MK39097117RS1920Italywild boar 
 3KP294371MWP_2010Germanywild boar 
 3raFJ906895GDC9France, Germany, China, South Korea, USArabbit, hare, humanConsiderable within-clade diversity
44aAB197673JKO-ChiSai98CChina, Mongolia, Taiwan, South Koreapig, human 
 4bDQ279091swDQTaiwan, China, Cambodia, Japanpig, human, Rhesus monkeyThree lineages within this subtype
 4cAB074915JAK-SaiJapanhuman, pigThree lineages within this subtype
 4dAJ272108T1Chinapig, human 
 4gAB108537CCC220Japan, Chinahuman 
 4hGU119961CHN-XJ-SW13Chinahuman, pig, cow, goat, yak 
 4iAB369690E067-SIJ05CChina, Japanpig, wild boar humanReplaces the recombinant DQ450072
55aAB573435JBOAR135-Shiz09Japanwild boar 
66aAB602441wbJOY_06Japanwild boar 
 6AB856243wbJNN_13Japanwild boar 
77aKJ496143178CUAEcamelDromedary camel
 7KJ496144180CUAEcamel, humanDromedary camel
88aKX387865  12XJChinacamelBactrian camel



ChinacamelBactrian camel

# Information for strains for which a complete coding region sequence is available

* Geographical origin or host uncertain 

Unassigned subtypes are denoted by genotype without a subtype designation.