Accession number(s)2  
Genotype/Subtype Isolate1 Core/E1 NS5B Reference(s)
Genotype 1
1f FR2 L38350 L38371 (Stuyver et al., 1995)
Genotype 2
2g MED017 n.a. X93323 (Ruggieri et al., 1996)
2h MED007 n.a. X93327 (Ruggieri et al., 1996)
2n NL50 L39309 L44602 (Stuyver et al., 1995)
2o FR4 L38333 L38373 (Stuyver et al., 1995)
2p NL33 L39300 L44601 (Stuyver et al., 1995)
2s C1966 JQ924942/ HM777447 HM777332 (Sulbarán et al., 2010)
Genotype 3
3c NE048 D16612 D14198/D16613 (Tokita et al., 1994)
3f NE125, PK64 D16614 , n.a. D14203/D16615, L78842 (Tokita et al., 1994)(Stuyver et al., 1996)
Genotype 4
4e CAM600, GB809 L29589, L29629 L29590, L29626 (Stuyver et al., 1994)
4h GB438, FrSSD35 L29610, n.a. L29611, AJ291249 (Stuyver et al., 1994)(Morice et al., 2001)
4i CAR4/1205 L36439 L36437 (Fretz et al., 1995)
4j CAR1/501 n.a. L36438 (Fretz et al., 1995)

1 Listing of up to two examples of each provisionally assigned HCV subtype prioritized according to (i) completeness (availability of complete or near complete core/E1 and NS5B sequences), (ii) publication date, (iii) GenBank submission date

2Accession numbers of sequences from the core/E1 and NS5B regions. “n.a.”: not available; “/”: denotes that the core/E1 or NS5B sequences are available from two different accession numbers


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