Family: Nyamiviridae

Genus: Orinovirus


Distinguishing features

Viruses are placed in the genus based upon phylogeny and host range. There are two species in this genus, Orinovirus pasiphilae and Orinovirus sanyae.   



Not reported. 

Nucleic acid

Non-segmented, negative-sense RNA. 


Orinovirus genomes encode 5 proteins including a putative nucleocapsid protein, phosphoprotein, glycoprotein and large protein identified on the basis of sequence similarity and structural properties shared with mononegavirus homologues. 

Genome organization and replication

Orinoco virus (ONCV) has a negative-sense RNA genome of 9.6 kb. 


Orinoco virus genome sequence was isolated from green pugs (Pasiphila rectangulata Linnaeus, 1758). 

Species demarcation criteria

Species are demarcated based upon their members' phylogeny and hosts.