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The 2022 ICTV taxonomy release (MSL38) is now available online.

The new 2022 ICTV taxonomy is now available online at The new Master Species List #38 is available for download as an Excel Spreadsheet

This new release contains taxonomic changes approved by the ICTV Executive Committee in July, 2022 and ratified by the ICTV Membership in March-April, 2023. A paper describing this release has been published in Archives of Virology: Zerbini FM, Siddell SG, Lefkowitz EJ, Mushegian AR, Adriaenssens EM, Alfenas-Zerbini P, Dempsey DM, Dutilh BE, García ML, Hendrickson RC, Junglen S, Krupovic M, Kuhn JH, Lambert AJ, Łobocka M, Oksanen HM, Robertson DL, Rubino L, Sabanadzovic S, Simmonds P, Smith DB, Suzuki N, Van Doorslaer K, Vandamme AM, Varsani A. Changes to virus taxonomy and the ICTV Statutes ratified by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (2023). Arch Virol. 2023 Jun 10;168(7):175. doi: 10.1007/s00705-023-05797-4. PMID: 37296227.

Official taxonomy proposals documenting these and all other taxonomic changes approved by the ICTV since the publication of the 8th ICTV Report can be found at