Order of Presentation of Virus Taxonomic Descriptions

In this Report, chapters describing the major taxa are presented in groups. The first level of organization groups chapters according to genome composition and structure (dsDNA, ssDNA, etc.). The second level is according to taxonomic rank: first, order, including constituent families and their genera; second, family, including constituent genera; third, genus, if unassigned to a family. Within each group, chapters appear alphabetically. Finally, within a chapter, genera may be presented in order of priority or importance in the family and not necessarily alphabetically. The table below provides the order of presentation of each taxon within this Report.

At the end of each genus description is a list of species. The species names are in italic script. The names of representative isolates within a species follow the species name and are indented and in roman script. Isolate names are aligned with relevant accession numbers (between square brackets in the center column) and a recommended abbreviation (between parenthesis in the rightmost column). Some lists contain extra information such as details of vector and/or host. In some genera, species are clustered into groups or serogroups, while in others the isolates within a species are clustered. These clusters are not formal taxonomic groupings.