Family: Coronaviridae

Subfamily: Pitovirinae


Distinguishing features

The subfamily Pitovirinae was established for the virus Pacific salmon nidovirus based on its low overall genome sequence identity with other coronaviruses despite conservation of the canonical replicase domains found in other members of the family Coronaviridae (Figure 1.Pitovirinae).

Pitovirinae genome organisation

Figure 1.Pitovirinae. Pironavirus genome organization. 3′-terminal genomic regions of Pacific salmon nidovirus. ORFs are depicted as coloured boxes with skyblue, lamina-associated polypeptide 1C (LAP1C); red, S; cyan, E; yellow, M and magenta, N. ORFs for accessory proteins are depicted as coloured boxes in grey.

Genus demarcation criteria

Details correspond to the family descriptions.