Access information and view the video from the  March 2024 Webinar.

Agenda: https://ictv.global/webinar_agenda_march2024

Slides: https://ictv.global/webinar_slides_march2024

Video: https://ictv.global/webinar/video

On March 21, 2024 we held a webinar for people who would like to learn more about the ICTV, our website, and existing, new, and upcoming tools and features.  It provided an overview of how the ICTV classifies viruses; how you can access current and historical taxonomic data from our website; how you can use our tools to search for your favorite virus; and how you can learn much more about any particular virus from the ICTV Reports.

The links above provide the materials used during the webinar, and we will be posting a video of the entire presentation shortly.