A new VMR is available:
VMR/MSL38 v2; September 2023

A new version of the Virus Metadata Resource (VMR) spreadsheet has been released (VMR_MSL38_v2.xlsx). This version, released on September 13, 2023, can be downloaded from https://ictv.global/vmr/current. This release reflects the taxonomic changes incorporated into the current 2022 virus taxonomy, MSL38. The ICTV chooses an exemplar virus for each species and the VMR provides a list of these exemplars. An exemplar virus serves as an example of a well-characterized virus isolate of that species and includes the GenBank accession number for the genomic sequence of the isolate as well as the virus name, isolate designation, suggested abbreviation, genome composition, and host source. For more information on the VMR, please see https://ictv.global/vmr.

Posted September 13, 2023