The ICTV has released Newsletter Number 19, 2022

To ICTV Members and Friends, 

We are pleased to provide you with the 2022 Newsletter (Number 19) of the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) covering our activities over the past year. Current and past newsletters can be downloaded available from:

The newsletter contains information on: 
  • Executive Committee (EC) activities
  • Summary of the 54nd annual EC meeting held July 2022
  • Workshop on virus classification
  • Recent progress with taxonomic proposals
  • ICTV Publications 
    • Web site
    • ICTV Report
    • Journal of General Virology: ICTV Virus Taxonomy Profiles
    • Virus Metadata Resource (VMR)
    • Archives of Virology: Virology Division News
  • Meetings
  • Funding
  • Links

For more information on ICTV activities and access to information on virus taxonomy, please visit the ICTV web site at