Data, tools, and information on virus classification and taxonomy

Welcome to the new ICTV web site. This new web site will modernize the ICTV data access infrastructure to provide a stable, responsive, scalable information technology platform based on modern, cloud- based, open-source systems. This infrastructure will provide an easy-to-use web-based platform supporting significant enhancements to our ability to provide information and tools on virus classification and taxonomy.

Development of this site is supported by our NIH grant, “Virus Taxonomy: A Community Knowledgebase Supporting Virus Research”, U24AI162625. The overall aims of the grant are to build a comprehensive biomedical knowledgebase focused on virus classification that will serve as a novel, scalable, sustainable infrastructure for supporting transformative research by virologists worldwide.

Development of this site would not have been possible without the hard work of the following individuals:

  • Don Dempsey
  • Curtis Hendrickson
  • Alexey Shipunov
  • Donald Smith

We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Just send an email to info@ictv.global.