The ICTV honors Andrew Davison as a new Life Member 

Dr. Andrew J. Davison has been elected as a Life Member of the ICTV honoring his many years of service to the committee and his contributions to virus taxonomy. Andrew began his service on the ICTV Executive Committee (EC) in 2005 as an Elected member. In 2008 he was elected as the Chair of the Viruses of Vertebrates Subcommittee, and in 2014 he became ICTV President, ending his service in 2020. Prior to service on the EC, Andrew also served as a member and Chair of the ICTV Herpesviridae Study group. During Andrew’s time as President, he presided over several significant changes to the processes that guide ICTV activities as well as major changes to the structure of the virus taxonomy. These changes include the creation of higher taxonomic ranks that better recognize and organize the deep, distant evolutionary relationships between viruses that virologists are now defining. Andrew’s quiet but firm demeanor helped to guide and keep on track the many discussions that occurred during the EC meetings at which these changes were considered. 

As a Professor at the University of Glasgow, Dr. Davison's research interests have focused on the content, function and evolution of herpesvirus genomes. His group has studied a variety of different herpesviruses that infect humans or other animals. One of the primary goals of his research has been to better understand the pathogenicity of herpesviruses by relating their genomic features to clinical disease and outcomes, and to use this information to assist in the development of antiviral drugs and vaccines. His work has resulted in the publication of over 220 papers.

In total, Andrew served for 15 years on the EC, in addition to service on the ICTV Herpesviridae Study Group. Based on his years of service, but especially based on the service itself and his significant contributions to virus classification and taxonomy, we are happy to have Andrew Davison serve as a Life Member of the ICTV.