Hanna Oksanen

Business Secretary

Current term (2023 - 2026): First (1st half)

(6 year term; no limit on reappointments)


Hanna Oksanen is an Elected Member of the ICTV Executive Committee. She is also a Member of the ICTV Bacterial and Archaeal Viruses Subcommittees, Chair of the Corticoviridae, Pleolipoviridae, and Halopanivirales,(families Sphaerolipoviridae, Matsushitaviridae, and Simuloviridae) Study Groups, and member of the Halspiviridae Study Group. She has also contributed to the description of the families Tectiviridae and Finnlakeviridae. Her work on archaeal tailed double-stranded DNA viruses originating from highly saline environments led to the creation of a new archaeal virus taxonomy for such viruses in 2021 (14 new families and 3 orders in the class Caudoviricetes). She defended her doctorate in 2004 (genetics) at the University of Helsinki on bacteriophage PM2, a member of the family Corticoviridae. She is an expert in both bacteriophage and archaeal virus biology. Her Molecular Principles of Viruses research group aims to understand the mechanisms of virus-host interactions and her research has extended our understanding of viral diversity and relatedness.



Hanna Oksanen