Juliana Freitas-Astúa

Elected Member

Principal investigator  
Embrapa Cassava and Fruits  
Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation  
Bahia, Brazil

Current term (2023): First


Juliana has a BSc in Agronomy (1993), an MSc in Plant Pathology/Virology from the University of São Paulo, in Piracicaba (Esalq/USP, Brazil, 1996), and a PhD in Plant Pathology/Virology from the University of Florida (2001). She has been a Senior Researcher at the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), working in collaboration with the São Paulo Agribusiness Technology Agency (APTA), since 2002. Her main research interest is plant-virus-vector interaction involving cileviruses and dichorhaviruses. Her lab has been very active in characterizing several of these viruses, their vector transmission, and the response they trigger in their hosts and vectors. She is an associate editor of Annals of Applied Biology, Plant Pathology and Tropical Plant Pathology. She is a former president of the International Organization of Citrus Virologists (IOCV, 2013-2016), and the current president of the Brazilian Phytopathological Society (SBF, 2021-2025). She joined the ICTV Cilevirus Study Group (SG) in 2012, as its chair, and has since been a member of the Kitaviridae SG.  She joined the Rhabdoviridae Study Group in 2018 and became its co-chair, together with Peter Walker, in 2021.

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Juliana Freitas-Astúa