Subfamily: Entomopoxvirinae

Genus: Gammaentomopoxvirus


Distinguishing features

The genus Gammaentomopoxviruses includes six species whose members infect Diptera. Mature viruses are occluded within ellipsoidal and spindle-shaped inclusion bodies. Disease signs include the accumulation of white patches under the cuticle and liquefaction of fourth-instar larvae.


Virions are brick-shaped, about 320×230×110 nm in size, with two lateral bodies and a biconcave core

Genome organization and replication

Currently, no members of any Gammaentomopoxvirus species have been sequenced in their entirety.

For replication, please see discussion under family description.

Species demarcation criteria

Species demarcation is based on host range. As complete genome sequences become available gene content and synteny are likely to be used.