Version 3 of taxonomy release MSL39

A new error correction version of the 2023 ICTV taxonomy is now available online at This new version of Master Species List #39v3 is available for download as an Excel Spreadsheet.

The MSL39 release contains taxonomic changes approved by the ICTV Executive Committee in July, 2023 and ratified by the ICTV Membership in April 2024. A paper describing this release is being prepared. Version 3 of this release contains the following corrections:

  1. Spelling correction to species name Enterovirus deconjuncti (Picornavirales, Picornaviridae).
  2. Typo correction to 19 species epithets of subfamily Spumaretrovirinae (remove "fo" suffix), specifically one species each in genera Bovispumavirus, Equispumavirus, Felispumavirus, Prosimiispumavirus, and 15 species in genus Simiispumavirus.
  3. Typo correction to the species epithet for Megalocytivirus spagrus1 (remove "s" prefix), in the family Iridoviridae (subfamily Alphairidovirinae; genus Megalocytivirus).
  4. The renamed family, Orthototiviridae, was moved to its correct possition within the suborder Alphatotivirineae (order Ghabrivirales).
  5. The new family, Konkoviridae, including one new genus, Olpivirus, was moved into its correct position within the order Hareavirales (class Bunyaviricetes).
  6. Typo correction to species name iBegomovirus oxalisflavi (remove "i" prefix) in genus Begomovirus, family Geminiviridae.

Version 2 contained the following correction:

  1. The genus Mimivirus was moved into its correct position within the subfamily, Megamimivirinae.

Official taxonomy proposals documenting these and all other taxonomic changes approved by the ICTV since the publication of the 8th ICTV Report can be found at

Posted June 25, 2024