Bas E. Dutilh

Elected Member

Institute of Biodiversity
Faculty of Biological Sciences
Cluster of Excellence Balance of the Microverse
Jena, Germany

Current term (2023): Second


Dutilh's work focuses on understanding the functioning and dynamics of microbiomes, the most complex systems known to mankind. Viruses and microbial hosts from all domains of life interact and co-evolve in microbiomes, and metagenomic datasets provide unprecedented, high-resolution snapshots of this process in space and time. A major theme in the work of his group is a data-driven research line focused on developing and applying innovative computational tools and models that help us to fully understand metagenomic datasets and the eco-evolutionary dynamics of microbiomes. Recent developments have contributed to charting viruses across many ecosystems, and a meaningful classification of these viruses is pertinent to interpret their ecological roles. Besides his involvement in ICTV, Dutilh is a founding member of the European Virus Bioinformatics Centre (EVBC), chair of the Royal Netherlands Society for Microbiology (KNVM) Microbial Bioinformatics division, and co-founder of the Netherlands Metagenomics Platform (NMP). He received Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) Veni (2010) and Vidi (2015) awards, an European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator award (2019), an Alexander vron Humboldt Professur (2022) and four Clarivate highly-cited researcher awards (2018-2021).

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